Services & Products

With our roots in engineering services, we are broadly classified as a Government technical services firm. However, our work actually falls into two categories:

1) Providing engineering and professional services to Government entities.

2) Developing and manufacturing high fidelity flight simulators and training devices.

These work areas overlap in the nature of the work and personnel involved, and in both we have a record of technical excellence, quality results, and completing projects on schedule and under budget.

In work performed through our Engineering and Technical Services contracts, our engineers, technicians, and professional staff provide expertise in test and evaluation, systems engineering, simulation systems, and infrastructure support.

Through our Management Support Services, our employees provide program management support that includes metrics analysis, cost estimating, acquisition management, and more.

In our Trainer Design and Fabrication contracts, we design and manufacture advanced military full flight training devices and components, develop visual databases and avionics models, Instructor/Operator Stations, and perform device integration.

21610 South Essex Drive, Lexington Park, MD 20653