Flight Simulators, Training Devices, & Related Products

We have been building simulation and trainer systems since 1987 and in recent years have produced complex trainers for many of the U.S. Navy's, Marine Corps', and Coast Guard's platforms. Depending on our customers’ needs we:

1. Manufacture complete, High Fidelity Training Devices, such as full-flight, maintenance, and part-task simulators. 

2. Integrate or upgrade systems built by others.

3. Develop components such as Cockpits & Crewstations, Visual Databases, and Instructor/ Operator Stations.

4. Produce custom designed or COTS High Fidelity Panels for customers.

We integrate a multitude of vendors’ commercial off-the-shelf products into key trainer functions to produce superior products. Our engineers have experience with a wide variety of computational systems, operating systems, and programming languages to provide our customers the best device possible.

Trainer Experience
  • AH-1W
  • CH-53E
  • F-14A/B
  • F/A-18C/D/E/F
  • KC-130T
  • MH-60R/S/T
  • SH-60B
  • P-3C
  • UH-1N
  • V-22
  • VH-3D & VH-60N



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