Founded in 1983, our core projects are in hardware and software systems, aircraft training and simulation devices, systems engineering, test support, and instrumentation of real-time data systems. In our first ten years of business, we were primarily an electronic and software engineering firm. However, as the company matured, we saw our customers needing more than just engineers to support their programs. Today we meet their needs with technical, professional, and administrative personnel as well. We have enjoyed steady growth in the past 5 years with average annual revenue increases of over 10% per year.

For over 25 years, our CEO and company founder John F. Taylor, Sr. has built the business on three guiding principles: honesty; commitment to quality and customer satisfaction; and dedication to a professional-growth and employee-friendly culture. These principles, along with our competitive pricing, are the driving forces behind our success at J.F. Taylor, Inc., and will continue to be the unyielding priorities of our future.



Mr. John F. Taylor, Sr.

21610 South Essex Drive, Lexington Park, MD 20653