Facilities Overview

J.F. Taylor is headquartered in Lexington Park, Maryland, within three miles of NAVAIR’s Patuxent River Naval Air Station. We have ten facilities located in Lexington Park, including our Main Office, Trainer Products Facility (TPF), Engineering and Manufacturing Facility (EMF), Engineering and Conference Facility (ECF), Mission Systems Facility (MSF), and three additional facilities that house simulation development teams. 

Our facilities have over 150,000 square feet of office, laboratory, manufacturing, and warehouse space. Within our manufacturing facilities, over 50,000 square feet is high bay space, allowing us to engage in large-scale manufacturing and fabrication work. Each of our fabrication facilities is populated with fully integrated project teams. These teams include project managers, engineers, and technicians that are equipped with state-of-the-art engineering design tools and manufacturing equipment. We believe that integrating the engineering and manufacturing disciplines is critical for increased efficiencies and quality.